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Registration of counselling centre at the Ministry of Interior was on 8/22 2012. In December 2014, we signed up for HTU as providers of basic social counseling. In February 2015 we received accreditation to provide specialized social counseling - file number 3749/2015- M_OSS.

Since our establishment, we provide specialized social counseling for women and children who are victims of violence. In its work, we focus on the specific needs of women who are at risk of violence by their intimate partner.

Advisory services are for women for free in order to cover the complex needs of women in the social, legal, economic and psychological area. We also provide women with attending supporting groups, where they have the opportunity to meet with other female clients, exchange experience and knowledge. These take the mutual support and reinforcement. We support women also with material help by supplying clothing, food and other assistance. We also trying to help women in finding a job.

There are trained experts of which meet the qualifications and have experience in the required extent of the law. The aid is focus at all groups of women, regardless of their ethnic, religious and ethnicity.

We follow the principle of confidentiality to clients and to the principle of confidentiality in relation to third parties. The assistance is provided until such time as the clients need and require. We create a safe space where clients can speak openly about their situation. The availability of our services for women in the region is on weekdays from 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm. We provide telephone advice, call: 0919 235 820 and e-mail advice to the email address:ť.


MISSION counseling center PROGRESFEM

Counselling centre PROGRESFEM is a crisis center for women experiencing various forms of violence in relationships from intimate partner. We provide community services in the field of social counseling for women who are victims of violence. We provide a comprehensive and also specialized assistance to women who experience violence from intimate partners and their children. Services are free and available to all women. They include social, legal, economic and psychological counseling. The mission is also to contribute to the development of democracy in a society in which human rights are respected, especially defending the rights of disadvantaged groups of women.


  • The main goal of Progresfem is to improve the overall situation of women who experience violence by intimate partner.
  • Highlighting the consequences of violence against women and children in the Slovak Republic,
  • Provides specialized social counseling, according to the Social Services Act. Continue to provide crisis intervention, legal and psychological services at the crisis center, serving the hotlines, social and legal protection, social prevention, field social work, social assistance and support that improves life for women and socially disadvantaged women and their children, to who are victims of violence,
  • Carrying out activities aimed at primary prevention at secondary schools and increase awareness, to the extent possible protection and assistance. Through the campaign "16 days of activism to combat violence against women", the crisis center PROGRESFEM together with other organizations involved in the country to organize public events in order topoint to this social phenomenon.
  • Mapping and monitoring the provision of specialized services in Slovakia for women experiencing violence. The effort to create a multi-agency cooperation with various institutions through which the availability of support for women will improve considerably.
  • Improving the situation of women in Slovakia within the human rights context of the human rights of women and achieving equality at all levels of society.
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