Our clients said about us

„Thank you for opportunity to meet you and helping me gain new strength to life“. (Barbora)

„I gained a new angle of the world and it helps me to trust to myself even more“. (Lucka)

„I was in a difficult situation. I found the leaflet of counselling center and dared to call there. I´m visiting Progresfem for two years and I'm happy there. They try to help me in every way. I recommend their services to other women as well. I want to say to every woman - Don´t be affraid to start saying what is happening in your situation. Every situation is a starting point. I am very grateful for their support and understanding. Thank you!.“ (Norika)

„I got a lot of information in your organization, esspecially about partner violence. I acquired confidence, appreciate myself, and gained different perspective on the world. I have gained a lot of experience to my new life.“ (Ľudka)

„Thank you for everything, I appreciate what you're doing for me. I appreciate your confidence very much and anonymity that keeps in relation to each woman.“ (Adela)

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