What is violence?

Violence against women is one of the most common forms of violations of women's human rights in the world. Violence against women includes - violence against women in intimate relationships, trafficking of women, rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment, forced prostitution, genital mutilation, etc. One of the most serious and most widespread forms of violence against women is violence against women in intimate relationships. That is violence that women perpetrated by their husbands / partners or former spouses / partners.

Violence is a crime!
For violence is responsible one who commits it!
Nobody has the right to act violently to another person in any case!

Violence against women IS BEHAVIOR:

  • learned from culture
  • learned by experience and its strengthen
  • learned from observing behavior of important people in our life
  • learned from families, schools and communities

Violence against women IS NOT CAUSED BY:

  • illness
  • genetics
  • abusing alcohol and drugs
  • lost of the control or lost control about emotions
  • behavior of woman
  • problems in partnership
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